Smart investing@your library

Smart investing@your library® is administered jointly by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the American Library Association. This special grant program funds efforts to provide library patrons with access to effective, unbiased financial education resources.


Grant recipients—public libraries, public library networks and community college libraries across the country—use a variety of technologies and outreach strategies to bring quality financial and investor education opportunities within easy reach of diverse groups of library patrons at no cost to them. The grantees partner with an array of organizations, including schools, universities and local agencies, to expand the impact of the services and resources enabled by the grants.


Through the program, library patrons are empowered to make smart financial decisions, both for long-term investing and day-to-day money matters. The program is especially concerned with helping those who might otherwise have limited access to important information relevant to their financial well-being.


Since 2007, Smart investing@your library has awarded 132 grants totaling over $10 million.  Application is by invitation only.


For additional information about Smart investing@your library, visit or contact the FINRA Foundation’s Robert Ganem (202-728-8362).

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