Outsmarting Investment Fraud

Outsmarting Investment FraudFINRA Foundation-funded research, unveiled in July 2006, shattered the stereotypes of senior investment fraud victims. The fraud victim profile was counterintuitive in many respects. For instance, victims were often financially knowledgeable men.


In addition, the influence tactics used by fraudsters were shown to be sophisticated and highly effective. These findings forced regulators and advocates alike to rethink how best to approach the challenge of equipping older investors with the tools and information they need to thwart fraudsters touting investment scams.


The FINRA Foundation subsequently initiated a research-based, social change campaign designed to reduce the incidence of investment fraud among investors ages 55 and over by helping them:


  • Recognize they are vulnerable to financial fraud
  • Identify persuasion techniques
  • Reduce risky behaviors by asking questions and checking information.


For additional information about Outsmarting Investment Fraud, visit SaveAndInvest.org/Fraud, or contact the FINRA Foundation’s Christine Kieffer ((202) 728-6970).