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Investors in the United States 2019

Investors in the United States 2019

The National Financial Capability Study (NFCS) is designed to measure perceptions, attitudes, experiences, and behaviors on a wide variety of topics. The largest component of the NFCS, the State-by-State Survey, is conducted across a large, diverse sample in order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the financial capability of the national population as a whole. As such, the breadth of subject areas covered in the State-by-State Survey necessarily limits the depth to which any individual subject can be explored, particularly in areas such as investing outside of retirement accounts, which applies to only a minority of the population. To provide more insight on investing decisions, a separate follow-up survey of investors is conducted. The Investor Survey explores topics such as relationships with investment brokers and advisors, understanding and perceptions of fees charged for investment services, usage of investment information sources, attitudes towards investing in general, and investor knowledge.

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