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Building a Financially Capable America Through Education and Research


The People We Help

The FINRA Foundation helps Americans build financial stability, invest for life goals and guard against fraud.

The Knowledge We Gain & Share

Research allows us to understand and improve money decisions. The FINRA Foundation connects those who create new knowledge with those who use it.

The Networks We Strengthen

Where do we turn before making important money decisions? The FINRA Foundation empowers its partners to reach people where they live, work and learn.



How Are Veterans Faring Financially?

This research provides new and updated evidence on the financial well-being of military veterans. We examine how veterans are faring over time, how they are faring in 2018 relative to comparable civilians, and how different demographic subgroups of veterans are faring in 2018.
Issue Brief: How are Veterans Faring Financially?


Olivia Mitchell Receives the 2019 Ketchum Prize

The FINRA Foundation has awarded its highest honor to University of Pennsylvania Professor Olivia Mitchell, one of the world’s most accomplished and influential experts on the topics of retirement security and financial literacy. The prize is named for Richard “Rick” Ketchum, the former FINRA Foundation chairman who himself has championed efforts to advance financial well-being for all.
Olivia Mitchell Receives the 2019 Ketchum Prize


Exposed to Scams: What Separates Victims from Non-Victims?

To better understand the fraud victimization process and craft better interventions to reduce fraud, the FINRA Foundation collaborated with the BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, Stanford Center on Longevity and Federal Trade Commission to explore the cognitive, behavioral and attitudinal differences between victims and non-victims.
Exposed to Scams: What Separates Victims from Non-Victims?