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Building a Financially Capable America Through Education and Research


The People We Help

The FINRA Foundation helps Americans build financial stability, invest for life goals and guard against fraud.

The Knowledge We Gain & Share

Research allows us to understand and improve money decisions. The FINRA Foundation connects those who create new knowledge with those who use it.

The Networks We Strengthen

Where do we turn before making important money decisions? The FINRA Foundation empowers its partners to reach people where they live, work and learn.


2021 NFCS Research Award

The FINRA Foundation recognizes Blain Pearson, Kansas State University, with the 2021 NFCS Research Award for his outstanding analyses and paper using data from the Foundation's National Financial Capability Study.

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Understanding the Financial Capability of Americans

Using data from the ongoing National Financial Capability Study, these research studies explore different elements of financial capability, including the financial knowledge, resources and habits of Americans.


Understanding and Combating Financial Fraud

These research studies examine factors that contribute to fraud victimization and scam susceptibility as well as interventions and preventative measures aimed at protecting consumers.

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