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Building a Financially Capable America Through Education and Research

The People We Help

The FINRA Foundation helps Americans build financial stability, invest for life goals and guard against fraud.

The Knowledge We Gain & Share

Research allows us to understand and improve money decisions. The FINRA Foundation connects those who create new knowledge with those who use it.

The Networks We Strengthen

Where do we turn before making important money decisions? The FINRA Foundation empowers its partners to reach people where they live, work and learn.


Race and Scam Susceptibility: Key Risk Factors for Older African Americans

This study examined the major factors tied to scam susceptibility among African American older adults. Our findings suggest that key risk factors relate to deficits in semantic memory (that is, conceptual knowledge), financial and health literacy, and psychological wellbeing—all of which are also tied to scam susceptibility among white older adults.

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Measuring Investing Knowledge

When testing investing knowledge, language matters. This study from the FINRA Foundation and NORC at the University of Chicago suggests that investing jargon commonly used in assessments can hide what female, African American, and Hispanic/Latino consumers really know about investing.

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Understanding the Financial Capability of Americans

This research, Bridging the Divide: A Closer Look at Changes in the Racial and Ethnic Composition of Investor Households, explores the racial and ethnic composition of investors over a six-year period. The findings suggest that while African American and Hispanic/Latino adults continue to be under-represented in the investor ranks, once sociodemographic variables are controlled for, the gap in the likelihood of owning a taxable investment account between white and African American and Hispanic/Latino adults closes substantially.

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Library Grants

These competitive grants help public and academic libraries meet the financial education needs of their communities and foster financial inclusion.


The Ketchum Prize

The FINRA Foundation congratulates Shawn Spruce, recipient of the 2021 Ketchum Prize for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Financial Capability and Investor Protection in the United States. Mr. Spruce is a tireless champion of financial and investor education in Native communities.

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FINRA Foundation Dissertation Completion Fellowship Program

In order to expand the pipeline of researchers from racial and ethnic backgrounds, the FINRA Foundation offers fellowships to advanced doctoral candidates pursuing dissertation research centrally concerning financial services and capital markets

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