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Mission and Vision

The mission of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation is to provide underserved Americans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life. The FINRA Foundation envisions a society characterized by universal financial literacy.


Established in 2003, the FINRA Foundation supports innovative research and educational projects aimed at segments of the investing public that could benefit from additional resources.


These resources come in various forms. Our grants allow researchers to explore investor behavior and develop practical ways to avoid costly mistakes and prepare for the future. Grant funding also helps nonprofit organizations ensure that reliable financial and investor education is available to all who need it, when they need it—at the workplace, online 24/7, or wherever it's most effective.


By sharing research and tools broadly, the FINRA Foundation adds to the collective wisdom about how best to help investors. Such information also shapes our directed programs. When we work on behalf of military service members and their families, with older Americans nearing or in retirement, or with students in all parts of the country, we have the opportunity to apply the latest research and adapt innovative strategies to their circumstances and needs.


Our goal is to reach more and more investors each year, educate them on their own terms, and teach them how to protect themselves in a world that is complex and dynamic.



The FINRA Foundation maintains partnerships with leading nonprofits and agencies to ensure best practices in grant making and financial literacy education across the lifespan. Indeed, partnerships are the strength of the FINRA Foundation's grants and projects. By collaborating with others, the FINRA Foundation maximizes the value of every dollar spent. Our partners, in both the public and private sectors, help us reach individuals and families who need thoughtful, unbiased guidance.


Board, Officers & Staff

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Reach, Educate, Protect


The FINRA Foundation's new report (PDF 2 MB) highlights 10 years of support for financial education & research in all parts of the country.