General Grant Program

Application Process

In 2017, the FINRA Foundation welcomes applications for projects of approximately $50,000–$100,000 that advance understanding of the relationships among financial literacy, financial capability and financial well-being. Priority will be given to projects that use data from the National Financial Capability Study (see and other existing data sets.


Organizations interested in applying for a grant should review the FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s Grant Guidelines to determine whether the organization and proposed project meet all eligibility requirements.


The first step in applying for a FINRA Foundation grant is the submission of the Project Concept Form (DOC 172 KB). This three-page form assists the FINRA Foundation in assessing the applicant’s eligibility for funding and the extent to which the proposed project furthers the FINRA Foundation’s priorities. Certain applicants will be invited to submit a full grant proposal. Applicants invited to prepare a full proposal will be provided with detailed submission instructions.


Note: To download and complete the Project Concept Form, access it via the link above and select a location on your computer to save and edit the file. Complete submission instructions are included on the form.



The FINRA Foundation accepts Project Concept Forms at any time during the year. The FINRA Foundation will respond to your Project Concept Form within one month of receipt and either decline the request or invite a full proposal. The entire decision-making process—from the submission of a Project Concept Form to a notification of funding—takes several months.


Grant Amounts

There is no set minimum or maximum grant amount. In considering grant requests, the merits of the proposed work are the primary focus. Indirect costs or overhead must not exceed 10% of direct costs. For summaries of funded projects (inclusive of the grant amounts) please view the list of successful grant proposals.

Grantee Resources

Potential grantees are encouraged to expand or leverage programs or materials developed or supported by the FINRA Foundation and FINRA.

Grant Duration

Projects should be completed within 36 months of the grant award. The FINRA Foundation looks favorably upon projects that demonstrate sustainability beyond the grant period.


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If you have additional questions, please contact the FINRA Foundation’s Susan Sarver (202-728-6948) or Robert Ganem (202-728-8362).