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NFCS Data and Downloads

Data and Downloads

The FINRA Foundation makes data files for various components of the National Financial Capability Study (NFCS) available for download, free of charge. Select the survey of interest and download the zip file. Datasets are available in .dta, .csv, and .sav file formats. Note that datasets in .sav and .dta format have variable descriptions and value labels within the datasets for ease of use. All dataset zip file downloads include the above file formats, the respective codebook, questionnaire, and methodological information, including sampling and data collection practices.

NFCS State by State Survey
Examines the financial capability of over 25,000 U.S adults across the nation, reaching at least 500 individuals per state, plus the District of Columbia.

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Tracking 2009-2021 |  Download Data & Data Info


NFCS Investor Survey
Examines investing-related topics (e.g., investments owned, risk tolerance, investing knowledge) among a subset of respondents of the State-by-State Survey who reported owning non-retirement investment accounts. The Investor Survey data can be merged with the State-by-State Survey data via a unique ID code included in the data sets.  

Tracking 2015-2021 | Download Data & Data Info


NFCS State-by-State Survey: Asian American Oversample
Examines the financial capability of over a thousand U.S adults who identify as Asian or Pacific Islander using the State-by-State 2021 Survey questions. Contact Olivia Valdes for more information.

Hidden Disparities: A Closer Look at the Financial Vulnerability of AAPI Adults


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NFCS Puerto Rico Sample
Examines the financial capability of over a thousand residents of Puerto Rico using the State-by-State 2021 Survey questions.

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Download the 2021 NFCS Report

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Download the 2021 NFCS Investor Report

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Using the NFCS: Tutorials

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Learn how the NFCS can be used to advance your research and teaching.

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Read a series of issue briefs based on the NFCS exploring different aspects of financial capability and how these vary across key populations in the U.S.

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