Educational Materials

Learning Materials

The FINRA Foundation encourages grantees to share their learning materials with each other and to create the information framework that every investor education program requires. The FINRA Foundation also challenges grantees to build new and innovative ways to reach those who need help.

Investor Education Modules

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation developed these investor education modules to assist grantees and others with the creation of accurate, unbiased investor education materials. The Foundation permits free use of the copyrighted modules for non-commercial educational purposes only.

The modules are in Microsoft Word format to provide maximum user flexibility. While the Foundation values creativity in the use of the modules, users should take care not to compromise the accuracy or non-commercial nature of the material.

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FINRA Investor Alerts

FINRA develops Investor Alerts to educate investors about important and timely investing issues. To receive the latest Investor Alerts and other important investor information from FINRA, sign up for Investor News. If you are interested in reprinting or linking to one or more FINRA Investor Alerts, please see FINRA’s policy on reprint permission.