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SaveAndInvest is Retired, But We're Still Here for You!

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation has retired the website, but many of our most popular tools and content are still available! Use the navigation below to find what you need. Still have questions? Contact Us.

Loving Young Military Family at Park

Fostering Military Financial Readiness

The Foundation supports military financial educators in their work with military families, including making FICO® credit scores and information available free of charge through military financial educators and counselors. It also offers fellowships to military spouses to pursue the Accredited Financial Counselor® designation.

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Fighting Financial Fraud

Guided by a growing body of research exploring how and why Americans are victimized by fraud, the Foundation employs strategic partnerships to train fraud fighters, develop and distribute fraud prevention resources, and conduct outreach.

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Educating Youth: Resources for Educators

Strong financial knowledge and skills are critical to future success. Use the Foundation's lesson plans and tools to set teens and young adults up to make wise decisions about earning, spending, credit, budgeting, saving and investing.